One of the major objectives of campus recruitment is to filter graduates for the acquisition of talented professionals. Campus recruitments allow the companies to handpick suitable candidates.

Mauka , through the dedicated company profile login connects company activities, products and latest updates to students across engineering colleges statewide opening a gateway to well prepared and well informed students. This ensures that you have the best fit from all over the state in your reach.

We enable the automation of initial selection process, including automatic tracking of resume and on-line assessment tests. Our organized student profile data bolsters planning the drive accordingly.

Selecting from a talent pool of student Mauka users, nourished through student engagement activities and other study/ video materials, furnishes knowledgeable, adaptable and aware candidates that simplifies induction and training process.

Mauka fosters rich college-company interaction and promotes consistent flow of information for the symbiotic growth and development of the two.

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  • Students and colleges are truly going to benefit from Mauka’s promising frameworks to fill in gaps in academia- industry interaction. A platform such as this will be really beneficial for the development of student community, increasing their employability and helping industry interfacing.....
  • The services offered by mauka are impressive. It is a reliable destination to establish viable contacts in the industry as well as train and assess students in the multi faced skill needs of the present placement trends. The placement management software is user friendly, optimizes time and.....
  • Mauka caters to one of the major gaps in modern higher education-The need for continuous learning and skill acquisition. It will help give a sense of direction and guide takers to a destination in their careers. Combined with indispensable placement operations, it is a vital prescription for colleges.
  • Innominds has been associated with Mauka for over an year now. It's been very encouraging and good going with 'interns and under grads' hiring using their portal. I find it efficient and extremely user friendly. Team at Mauka has always been proactive and customer centric....
  • Dr. Ashok Agarwal

    Ex-Professor-IIM Calcutta

  • Dr.M.G.Prasuna

    Head-Placement division, BITS

  • Llewellyn D Souza

    Ex-Associate Director, ISB

  • Satish Velagapudi

    Chief Manager, Innominds

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