With Mauka, you can safely put all your eggs in one basket and be assured of an integrated, cost and time effective solution to the different stages of campus recruitment. Our key objective is to facilitate unrestricted flow of knowledge and information between students, colleges and companies while automating college placement operations.

Ensuring student development to meet industry standards, automating student data assimilation, assessing student performance, showcasing your talent pool to reputed companies, improving industry network and inviting for recruitment drives-Do it all with just a click at Mauka.

We aim to enable students' access to being industry ready and to employment opportunities, independent of their college or geographical background.

Train students Simplify operations Build corporate network


  • The services offered by mauka are impressive. It is a reliable destination to establish viable contacts in the industry as well as train and assess students in the multi faced skill needs of the present placement trends. The placement management software is user friendly, optimizes time and......
  • Mauka caters to one of the major gaps in modern higher education-The need for continuous learning and skill acquisition. It will help give a sense of direction and guide takers to a destination in their careers. Combined with indispensable placement operations, it is a vital prescription for colleges.
  • Dr.M.G.Prasuna

    Head-Placement division, BITS

  • Llewellyn D Souza

    Ex-Associate Director, ISB, Hyd

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