Our Vision

Be the single destination for students in finding jobs and internships,polishing their employability skills and building a successful career.

Be the primary associate for colleges in managing and increasing campus recruitment.

Be the partner of choice for companies in maximizing ROI on talent acquisition.

Nurturing students to build a career doesn't stop at being able to thrust them beyond the selection threshold. Students must also be able to take informed decisions, aware of the industry trends along with accumulating skills for survival in the professional world.

This requires an active interaction between the student community and the corporate companies. Mauka interfaces the two worlds, augmenting and simplifying colleges' efforts to maintain the much needed synchronization.

Why choose Mauka

“One cannot direct the wind, but can always adjust the sails right”

Student-College-Corporate are entities of a co-active system whose dynamics are constantly varying at individual levels in response to global developments and changes. In order to hold the big picture intact, there is a dire need to maintain balance and to synchronize these individual trends, efforts to update, pace of action, expectations and outcomes. This calls for a platform that aligns all pieces with maximum efficiency and in minimum time.

Powered by technology, we address this need by tending to aspects of student development, college management and corporate requirements that brings the three onto a single platform. Facilitating greater connectivity, flow of information and ease of operations, our portal bridges the gap between graduation and profession, addressing student, college and corporate concerns.

We set the sails for a healthy student to professional transformation for the benefit of all, eliminating the barriers of in-access to resources for the development of our college graduates.

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  • Students and colleges are truly going to benefit from Mauka’s promising frameworks to fill in gaps in academia- industry interaction. A platform such as this will be really beneficial for the development of student community, increasing their employability and helping industry interfacing with larger.....
  • The services offered by mauka are impressive. It is a reliable destination to establish viable contacts in the industry as well as train and assess students in the multi faced skill needs of the present placement trends. The placement management software is user friendly, optimizes time and automates.....
  • Mauka caters to one of the major gaps in modern higher education-The need for continuous learning and skill acquisition. It will help give a sense of direction and guide takers to a destination in their careers. Combined with indispensable placement operations, it is a vital prescription for colleges.
  • Mauka provides a unique platform where organizations meet students scouting for professional experience. It helped me propel the trajectory of my career especially as I was not from the country and my resources to find internships were rather limited. It's an easy, simple and fast tool to get what you.....
  • Dr. Ashok Agarwal

    Ex-Professor-IIM Calcutta

  • Dr.M.G.Prasuna

    Head-Placement division, BITS

  • Llewellyn D Souza

    Ex-Associate Director, ISB

  • Anisha Veer

    University of Southern California

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